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oral dental hygiene assessment

we will review your medical/dental history.
we will perform an oral cancer screening. we will take measurements of your gums to determine the health of your tissues. we will assess your current hygiene habits. we will use an intra-oral camera as an aid to discuss our findings. we will develop a treatment plan specific to you and your goals.

professional teeth cleaning

the removal of tartar (calculus) from above and below the gums is called scaling or debridement. the removal of plaque and calculus (bacteria) is necessary to achieve good oral health because it is a foreign invader to our bodies. the amount of scaling required varies from person to person. our fees are based on a 15 minute unit of time following the ontario fee guide. the average adult requires 3-4 units with each cleaning.

custom sports guards

protecting your smile is important to us. sports guards are important to prevent injury/trauma to your teeth, jaw and soft tissues.


for treatment of sensitivity we have several options; toothpastes, in office varnishes or we could provide you with a take home kit containing amorphous calcium phosphate (ACP) gel.


pit and fissure sealants are placed on the biting surface of back teeth. a sealant acts as a barrier, protecting the enamel from bacterial plaque in cavity prone areas. sealants should be placed as soon as the teeth erupt on children and teenagers. Some adults may benefit from sealants as well.

fluoride treatments

in office fluoride treatment is available for those susceptible to cavities, dry mouth (xerostomia), exposure to radiation therapy (head and neck radiation therapy) or root sensitivity.

oral hygiene instruction

we want you to succeed with your goals. we will provide you with the knowledge and recommend the tools to achieve good oral health.

teeth whitening

we use a light activated 36% carbamide peroxide solution with a blue and red l.e.d. light to enhance our in office whitening trays. this procedure only takes 30 minutes and can be done in conjunction with your cleaning. you will also be given a 22% syringe and take home tray for touch ups.

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